Walleye Slammer Spoon

By Ice Hopper

The Walleye Slammer like all of the Perch Slammer spoons is forged from brass and finely polished with either a genuine gold, silver or copper finish. These finishes are as old as the design of the bait itself, going back 100 yrs or more to its ancestry across the ocean.

Unlike our other Slammer series spoons, these spoons sport sticky sharp treble hooks for use jumbo sized panfish or predators like walleye, pike or trout. The combination of erratic action and high luster polished finishes make these spoons trigger aggressive strikes, when more subtle presentations fail. The Walleye Slammer is available in 2 sizes and either Gold, Silver or Copper plating.

Size 50mm/1.96 in 60mm/2.36 in
Weight 6.8g/1/4 oz 12g/1/2 oz
$6.29 to $6.99
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