Heavy Metal Amplifier Boogie 2pack

Heavy Metal Amplifier Boogie 2 Pack

By Heavy Metal
Amplifier Series Tungsten jigs have their roots in europe with their thru-hole-head line tying design. This design assures that the jig will always hang perfectly horizontal. But our Amplifier series jigs also have a flat or even concave surface on top of the jig. These surfaces reflect sonar signals far better than the traditional curved surface of most traditional Tungsten or lead jigs. The ability to strongly reflect a fish finder signal, means that you can turn your gain down, to eliminate the clutter of weeds, yet still see your jig and fish too.

These are the traditional style jig used on palm rods and should be pared with a high quality Spring Bobber to provide the best possible swimming motion.

Choose between the elongated shape of the Kernel which goes all the way down to a 2.5mm jig or the Boogie which is 1/2 of our Boogie Ball jig.

-sold in 2 packs
-Sticky sharp hooks
-genuine gold plating
-always hang horizontal

3mm .3g #18
4mm .7g #14
5mm 1.4g #12
$2.99 to $3.49
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