Heavy Metal Tungsten Micro Barb Jig

Heavy Metal Tungsten Micro Barb Jig

By Heavy Metal
Micro Barb jigs were new to the Heavy Metal Tungsten jig line up for 2018 and now have more hand painted colors for 2021. These round ball style tungsten jigs have uniquely shaped sticky sharp, fine wire 90-degree jig hooks. The wide bend and aggressive curvature of the hook keep fish hooked while the micro barbs along the hook shank keep micro-sized soft plastics or live bait held firmly in place.

Micro Barb jigs are perfectly balanced and designed to hang perfectly horizontally. They are hand painted here in the USA with durable epoxy UV and Super Glow finishes that are designed to catch fish.

Check out all 6 sizes from the tiny 4.5.mm all the way up to the massive 10mm size.

Now available for 2021 in our proven Pro Series tungsten jig colors patterns!

1/32 oz #6 hook 4.5mm
1/16 oz #6 hook 5.5mm
3/32 oz #4 hook 6.5mm
3/16 oz #2 hook 8.0mm
1/4 oz #1 hook 9.0mm
5/16 oz #1 hook 10mm
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