Heavy Metal Limited Edition Pro Series Tungsten Jig

By Heavy Metal

Looking for Color of the Week Jigs? You can find them here in our Limited Edition Pro Series Tungsten jigs. All jigs are hand painted by John Bacarella. We use the same tungsten jig bodies and hooks as our standard Pro Series teardrop jigs. The big difference is that they are being individually hand painted in very low volume, using very specialized processes to achieve artwork like quality jigs. Some of these jig finishes require up to 8 steps to achieve the desired effect and include UV, Super Glow, and very lifelike finishes. These color patterns are designed to draw, excite and catch fish!  

Choose between standard length and long shank too! See the hook size comparison chart.

If you want to see the biggest and heaviest tungsten jigs in North America, check out our new 8mm and 10mm sizes!

The Magnum series come in 8mm and 10mm sizes weighing 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz. The 8mm sports a #4 extra long shank Hayabusa Japanese hook while the 10mm has an extra long 1/0 hook. These baits are all hand painted here in the USA with durable baked on UV and Super Glow finishes.

Size Weight
4mm 1.1g 1/26 oz #12
5mm 2g 1/14 oz #10
6mm 3.25g 1/9 oz #8
6mm Long 3.25g 1/9 oz #6
8mm 7.5g 1/4 oz #4
10mm 14.5g 1/2 oz 1/0

$3.19 to $6.99
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