Heavy Metal Kuu Tungsten Jig

By Heavy Metal

The Kuu jig is an extra fat, tungsten jig with a crescent moon shape. It gets it's name from the Finnish moon goddess Kuu. So, we felt that with a moon shape and tungsten (wolfram) material from Scandinavian region of the world, Kuu was the perfect name for this jig. By combining a slightly fatter than normal crescent moon shape with the heavy weight of tungsten, you get unbelievable performance from a vertical jig. The Kuu drops like a knife through weeds and it's slightly bulb shaped top gives a stronger electronic signal than lead moon shaped jigs. The Kuu is available in both UV and super glow colors that glow as bright as any full moon. These jigs are painted here in the USA using durable, vibrant, Super Glow and UV Reflective epoxy paints. These super glow paints glow long, bright and in unique colors including red, blue, chartreuse, green, white and orange.

Achieve the best glow with true white light, natural sunlight or UV (black lights) like our Super Charger UV Light. Our UV colors reflect invisible UV rays back using any available UV light. This is believed to enhance visibility to fish in deep or off colored water. The combination of UV Reflective, Super Glow and Tungsten are the ultimate in ice fishing jigs! The Kuu is available in 3 sizes and 21 colors. Use the Kuu when the fish want a vertical live bait presentation or when you need that special vertizontal plastic presentation that can drive big fish crazy.

Size Weight(g) Weight(oz) Hook
4mm 1g 1/25oz #10
5mm 1.5g 1/20oz #8
6mm 2g 1/14oz #8
$0.99 to $1.99
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