Heavy Metal Smoothie Tungsten Jig

By Heavy Metal


The Smoothie is exactly that, a round ball tungsten jig with a relatively long shank hook. Like all of our tungsten or wolfram jigs, the Smoothie is 1.7 times heavier than a comparably sized lead jig. The round shape also allows the Smoothie to hang at just right angle for that perfect upper lip hook up that we all love. When you combine a perfect balance and long shank hook, you also get a perfect jig for many of the longer profile micro sized ice plastics such as the Ice Mite, Jumbo Wedgee Tail and new Domination Fry or STB from MicroSpoons & Jigs.

The Smoothie comes in 4 sizes ranging from 4mm all the way up to 8mm for those ultra deep presentations. These jigs are hand painted here in the USA using durable, vibrant, Super Glow and UV Reflective epoxy paints. The super glow paints glowing and brite in unique colors including red, blue, chartreuse, green, white and orange. They charge best with true white light, natural sunlight or UV (black lights). Our UV colors reflect invisible UV rays back using any available UV light. This is believed to enhance visibility to fish in deep or off colored water. The combination of UV Reflective, Super Glow and Tungsten are the ultimate in ice fishing jigs! 

Size Weight (g)  
4mm 0.5  
5mm 1.1  
6mm 2.0  
8mm 5.1  


$0.99 to $1.99
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