Heavy Metal Pro Series Tungsten Jigs

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By Hard water innovations

The Pro Series Tungsten Tear Drops are hand painted here in the USA using state of the art Super Glow and UV Reflective finishes. These additions to our Original Heavy Metal Tungsten jig line up also sport larger hook gaps and longer hook shanks. This increases the bite of your hook for more positive hook sets. It will also allow you to pack more live bait on your hook as well as fish plastics much more efficiently. And with the micro plastics market expanding everyday to larger and larger profile baits, these larger hooks are just the ticket. All Original Heavy Metal Tungsten ice jigs, sport sticky sharp Japanese hooks and vibrant epoxy finishes. They weigh almost twice as much as comparable sized lead jigs. This gives our jigs twice the action and twice the sensitivity as lead jigs. There's a reason why the Pro's use our tungsten jigs and you'll understand once you've fished them too.

Size Weight
2mm .11g 1/250 oz #16
3mm .5g 1/56oz #14
4mm 1.1g 1/26oz #12
5mm 2g 1/14oz #10
6mm 3.25g 1/9oz #6


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