Heavy Metal Epoxy Kuu Tungsten Jig

By Hard water innovations

The Epoxy Kuu jig is a NEW addition for 2017 to our Original Heavy Metal Tungsten jig line up. They have the same super fast fall rate and heavy feel as our original (painted in the USA) Kuu jigs. However, like the name states, the Epoxy Kuu has either swirl or dotted color patterns which are typical for hand painted, epoxy finishes. Some of the colors even have genuine Swarovski crystals! These high performance vertical style tungsten jigs are available in the following sizes/weights and are imported.

Overstock price of $0.99 on the 3mm and 4mm Glow Chartreuase Dot!

2.5mm/0.5g approx 1/64 oz
3.0mm/0.9g approx 1/32 oz
4.0mm/1.3g approx 3/64 oz
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