Heavy Metal Glow Eye 5mm Tungsten Jig

By Heavy Metal

We brought these unique 5mm Heavy Metal Tungsten ice jigs back in a limited production run for you deep water ice fishermen. These Epoxy Crystal tungsten jigs have an extremely durable epoxy finish and secondary swirl stripe, a swarovski crystal epoxied on the nose and a very bright glow eye right in front of it's sticky sharp Japanese hook! There is one more feature on these unique jigs that you can keep or easily remove, our blood red bead and glow retainer. With the red bead, when the bite is hot, you can get away with no bait at all. But even with the bead, there is still room for you to add your favorite live bait. If you want more room on the hook shank, the bead and retainer will easily slide over the barb and off the hook. It's always nice to have options.

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