Heavy Metal Tungsten Boogie Ball Jig

By Heavy Metal

The Boogie Ball Jig combines the functionality of a round ball jig with a long hook shank, the weight of tungsten and the gemstone-like flash of a crystal all in one. The Boogie Ball jig reflects light better than any crystal jig and does it a full 360 degrees to ensure that fish from every direction will see it. The prism-like facets are plated with jewelry-grade, genuine gold and silver. If you find your tackle box a little short before your next outing, you may want to check your wife's jewelry box or maybe her ear lobes, if she forget to pinch the barbs down...

Size Weight (g)  
4mm 0.5  
5mm 1.1  
6mm 2.0  
8mm 5.1  


$0.99 to $1.49
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