Heavy Metal Epoxy Crystal Tungsten Jig

By Heavy Metal

These are newly revised versions of some of your favorite color epoxy painted Tungsten jigs with a genuine Swarovski crystal epoxied flush into the head. The quality finish, superior hooks make these jigs the top choice for serious anglers. These new versions also include UV and Super Glow finishes, plus larger hooks to make these "oldies but goodies" even better!

Like all Tungsten jigs, they get down fast, fish heavy and present plastics well. Unfortunately, all tungsten is currently imported, but not all grades are the same. You won't find jigs of this quality at these prices anywhere else. 

Size Weight
3mm .5g 1/56oz #14
4mm 1.1g 1/26oz #12
5mm 2g 1/14oz #10
6mm 3.25g 1/9oz #6

$1.99 to $2.29
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